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Services - CityMedia Solutions

Outdoor Advertising on LEDTrucks

City Media Solutions provides outdoor advertising services using LED Media trucks. Media contents runs on LED screens that are affixed on our customized media trucks, and the trucks are driven around to target consumers in metropolitan area. Our Mobile Billboard LED Trucks are  made in America.

Service plans are Shared-Use plan and Dedicated-Use plan. Each of the Shared Use plan duration runs for 6-hours every day from Monday through Friday.

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Service ModelDescriptionService PlanDescriptionUnit
Shared UseAds spaces on the Digital Billboard shared by more than one client.
Ads display duration at 12 seconds
Daily6hrs per day from Monday to Friday. No commitment requiredDaily
Weekly6hrs/day from Monday to Friday. Minimum of 1-week commitment.Weekly
Monthly6hrs/day from Monday to Friday. Minimum of 1-month commitment.Monthly
Weekend Only6hrs/day from Saturday to Sunday. No commitment required.Daily
Dedicated UseAd spaces on the Digital Billboard solely used by one client. Minimum of 4 hours commitmentHourly

What You Get

  • Experience customers’ actions triggered based on your advertising campaign.
  • Outdoor Advertising on Digital Billboard Trucks yield returns on investment .
  • Each ads display cycles for duration of 10 seconds.
  • Mobile Billboard LED Trucks operate for 6-hours per weekday and 6-hours per weekend day.
  • Rate as low as $80 per day
  • Receive reports for proof of ads reachability

Use Cases for your Business;

  • Advertise on Moving LED Billboard
  • Trade Fairs and Shows
  • Exhibit at Convention Venues
  • Display at Corporate Events
  • Videos & Games at Party Rentals
  • City Tour for new Product Introductions
  • Display during Grand Openings
  • Display on Brand Promotions/Tours
  • Political & Public Interest Campaigns
  • Labor Union Public awareness campaign
  • Parades, and lots more…