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FAQs - CityMedia Solutions

Q: What can Mobile Digital Billboard be used for?

A: Mobile Digital Billboard drive actionable ads campaign in the metro area. It’s digital billboards on wheels. Some of the applications of our Mobile Digital Billboards are;

Grand openingSeasonal promotions
Product LaunchParades
Political AdvertisingTrade Show/Conventions
Brand awarenessConcerts / Festivals
Sporting Events Public Service


Q: How long does the Mobile Digital Billboard run?

A: Our Mobile Digital Billboard runs for 40 hours per week. On average of 8 hours per weekday. It also runs of about 15 hours on weekend days.


Q: Do you provide service in my area?

A: Currently, we are providing service in Louisville and Southern Indiana area. Email us at info@citymediasolutions.com for more specifics.

Q: What route will my Mobile Digital Billboard travel?

A: For our Shared Use plan, we travel through Jeffersonville, IN; Clarksville, IN; New Albany, IN; J-Town, KY; St. Matthews, KY; the Highlands, KY; Fern Creek, KY; Prospect, KY; Old Louisville, KY; Downtown Louisville, KY; Dixie Highway, KY. We can also accommodate for special request.


Q: Can I change my campaign route?

A: For our Dedicated Use plan, yes you can change your ads campaign as you deem fit.


Q: Can I have the Mobile Digital Billboard in front of my business location?

A: Yes, with our dedicated use model, the Mobile Digital Billboard can be located anywhere of your choice.


Q: What are the lease terms or duration commitments?

A: We have two main service types, which are Shared Used and Dedicated Use. See the service lease term for each plan below.

Shared Use – Daily Plan: No commitment, however subject to availability.

Shared Use – Weekly Plan: Minimum of 1 week commitment.

Shared Use – Monthly Plan: Minimum of 1 month commitment.

Shared Use – Weekend Plan: No commitment, however subject to availability.

Dedicated Use – Minimum of 4 hours commitment


Q: Is my ads space shared?

A: We have the ‘Shared Use’ plan, which allows more than one clients’ ads to be displayed on screen in iteration. Each ads cycles every 10 – 12 seconds. Your ads campaign is guaranteed to be display no less than 24 times per hour. Also, we have the ‘Dedicated Use’ plan, which is solely for one client. This plan is not shared with anyone else.


Q: What format of images can be displayed on the Mobile Digital Billboard?

A: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG or PNG format.


Q: What is the dimension of the images for display on the Mobile Digital Billboard?

A: Recommended pixels are: Side Screen = 480 by 192 pixels. Back Screen = 256 by 192 pixels.


Q: Can you play audio sound?

A: Yes, there is a high quality sound system played on the Mobile Digital Billboard.


Q: Can you display different images on all three screens at the same time?

A: Yes, we can.


Q: Are the screens clearly visible during the daytime?

A: Yes, the LED screens are just as bright as the digital road signs.


Q: Can videos be played on the Mobile Digital Billboard?

A: Yes, we can play most video formats.


Q: What format of videos can be played on the Mobile Digital Billboard?

A: AVI, MPG, MPEG, ASF, WMV, MOV or FLV format.


Q: Can live feeds or stream from TV be displayed on the Mobile Digital Billboard?

A: Yes, we can. This is currently available only one side of the screens.


Q: Can different videos be played on all the three screens at the same time?

A: Yes, we can play video on all the three screens at the same time. However, we can stream live video only on one side of the screens.


Q: Can I get my ads artwork designed for me?

A: Yes. We charge for designing of the art work. If you already have your own artwork, you can also use it.


Q: How do I send my artwork to you?

A: You can upload the artwork in the form online while filling out the service request form. Alternatively, you can email it to us at service@citymediasolutions.com


Q: Can I change my artwork during my campaign

A: Yes, you can change your artwork while your campaign is still running at no additional cost, provided there is no design effort required by CMS. The new change would take effect on the next day.


Q: What happens to my artwork at the end of my campaign?

A: We store the artwork in our system for 6months in case you would need to reuse it for future campaign. After the 6th month anniversary, the artwork would be deleted permanently.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Mounted Digital Billboards in Louisville cost around $2500 – $8000 per month. Medium Billboards cost around $700 to $3000 per month while large billboard cost $1500 to $5000 per month. Also, note that these are located at a fixed location. CMS’s Mobile Digital Billboard is priced to be affordable option which is also more effective. Plan is as low as $350 per week and $1200 per month. Click here to get quote.


Q: What’s my ROI on Mobile Digital Billboard?

A: Mobile Digital Billboard averages 600 impressions per mile. With daily plan at $80/day, it would yield CPM of 60cents per 60K impression. This means it would cost you 60cents to reach 60 thousand views. Conversion rate yields at least 20%.